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CSI - Upstart Dice 9d6
CSI - Upstart Dice 9d6
CSI - Upstart Dice 9d6

CSI - Upstart Dice 9d6

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The d6 expansion to the original Upstart line of dice!  These unique dice feature a futuristic font that you can't find on any other dice in the world.  Perfect for any sci-fi role playing game, especially dice pool games!

The CSI color has the distinction of being our most unusual and innovative dice (so far).  Featuring a black die with a UV-reactive black ink for the numbers, these dice look like ordinary glossy black dice until you put them under blacklight.  Are you going to play a lot of games under blacklight?  Of course not!  But these dice are amazingly cool regardless.

These dice are also available in a 7-piece polyhedral set.

    Dice 9d6
    Material Acrylic
    Finish Glossy
    Base Color Black
    Ink Color UV Black
    Designer Mariah M Stanford

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