P3 - Upstart Dice 9d6
P3 - Upstart Dice 9d6

P3 - Upstart Dice 9d6

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The d6 expansion to the original Upstart line of dice!  These unique dice feature a futuristic font that you can't find on any other dice in the world.  Perfect for any sci-fi role playing game, especially dice pool games!

The P3 color is named after the very element which burns that classic yellow glow: Phosphorous 3.  Like those old TSA displays, these dice offer high visibility with an amber number on black.  Unlike those displays though, you'll never have to worry about color burn!

These dice are also available in a 7-piece polyhedral set.

    Dice 9d6
    Material Acrylic
    Finish Semi-gloss
    Base Color Black
    Ink Color Amber
    Designer Matthew Ian Stanford

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