Heisenberg - Upstart Dice 9d6
Heisenberg - Upstart Dice 9d6

Heisenberg - Upstart Dice 9d6

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The d6 expansion to the original Upstart line of dice!  These unique dice feature a futuristic font that you can't find on any other dice in the world.  Perfect for any sci-fi role playing game, especially dice pool games!

The Heisenberg dice are our first attempt at translucency, and we went all the way!  No pictures can properly do these dice justice; they look like you're holding some glass stones.  Are they tough to read?  Absolutely!  That's why you must embrace uncertainty!

Because they are translucent, you may seem some slight manufacturing variance between dice in the form of bubbles.

These dice are also available in a 7-piece polyhedral set.

    Dice 9d6
    Material Acrylic
    Finish Glossy
    Base Color Translucent
    Ink Color None
    Designer Mariah M Stanford